PTSD: Let's Talk About It

PTSD is a battle fought by many across the world, from veterans and active duty military, to civilians who have experienced any form of trauma and I want to help us get through it.

The Awareness Community

Become a part of the conversation happening on the Help Me PTSD Face Book Page

Live Stream Videos can be found on the Help Me PTSD youtube Channel

I Want to Help

Help Me PTSD  provides resources such as coaching, educational information and a vast network of clinicians who are here to help those who suffer from PTSD. Currently, live stream videos are being done by Christopher Lengyel, a retired Army Veteran, who is also the Individual responsible for the creation of this project and assuring that it is able to flourish within communities across the globe. To date, Help me PTSD is working in collaboration with organizations in Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas and Colorado.



 710 W Elliot Rd. Tempe, Arizona

First and Third Wednesday of every month Click the harvest sponsor picture for their address.

Let’s Band Together

Check out Christopher’s GoFundMe account. Through donations and other sponsorship’s, Christopher has been able to continue his mission to help those that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Questions, Comments and Testimonies

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