Help Me PTSD is designed to provide continual services for trauma survivors and their family members. We understand how devastating  life’s unexpected tragedies can be. These events can impact both survivor and their entire social support system to include family.

We provide resources for trauma survivors. These resources will help any willing person overcome their past by focusing on their own personal healing journey. Our programs encompass the body, mind, and spiritual healing process. This includes many alternative healing modalities and a variety of different services our clients have access to.

From Counseling and Professional coaching, to Workshops and Seminars. Our programs are the future of mental wellness!

We choose to integrate into communities that provide environments for self-sustainable healing centers. This  allows us the opportunity  to waive the cost of most long term treatment programs through sustainability models of business.

We continually strive to be innovative and make services available to individuals instantly. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not something we take lightly and we urge everyone to encourage those experiencing difficulties with mental health to seek help.

Help Me PTSD stands ready to serve communities around the world and continue to provide the best education to Trauma Survivors and their Family members. We hope you join our community of support either as a community member who can support someone else in need or as a Help ME PTSD professional coach or counselor. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with and enjoy exploring the www.helpmeptsd.org website.


“Our experiences vary but the symptoms we experience do not discriminate” ~Christopher Lengyel US ARMY Ret. Professional Life Coach

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*Help Me PTSD is not an emergency service. If you are currently suicidal or have suicidal thoughts contact your local emergency services.