Meet Our Business Team

Chris Lengyel

PTSD Coach and Founder of Help Me PTSD

Native to Arizona, Christopher Lengyel Is a Retired Army Veteran with a B.S. in Professional Counseling. Christopher is currently continuing his education with a Masters Degree in Business emphasizing in Project Management. While not advocating for trauma survivors Christopher spends time with his family and enjoys being the worship leader at the church he attends.

Tray Goodman

Senior Business Advisor

Tray Goodman is an accomplished videographer, author and director.  Tray has helped many individuals find a path to success from his first book “Crushing Your Box”.  Currently Tray works in collaboration with many different business and has had a strong influence in the growth of Help Me PTSD.

Scott Sievers

Digital Security Specialist

*Help Me PTSD is not an emergency service. If you are currently suicidal or have suicidal thoughts contact your local emergency services.