Showlow Arizona Healing Center Project

Our Healing Center

Located in the prestigious White Mountain just north of Showlow Arizona,  Our healing center will provide a safe place for individuals to experience the healing power of God. With a variety of classes, workshops, and intensive healing retreats all centered around sustainable living, we will be able to reduce the overall cost of treatment with our healing center. It is through the help of many people to make this healing center possible.  With access to near by lakes, trail riding, hiking and more, we hope to provide an environment that fosters the ability for our visitors to  find peace and rest during their healing journey. From one day classes, to week long healing retreats, we aim to establish a new standard for the mental health industry by utilizing sustainability strategies which will allow for our healing center to operate at nearly have the cost of traditional treatment facilities which charge enormous amounts of money for their services. We believe that healing is a right to human beings and that while some financial contributions are necessary by willing participants, it is not necessary to charge the amounts currently seen across the country. Please join us in our efforts by contributing today!

Our Team

Financial Manager/ Grant Writer

Project and Marketing Manager

Phase One


  • Design Land Layout (complete)
  • Septic system (Run to every building site required) (complete)
  • Water and Plumbing (Run to every building site)(complete)
  • Electricity To Property (Complete)
  • 11 RV/ Camper Trailer Slots with  water (complete)
  • Grade the roads into the property and on the property. (Parking lot for center/ road to main House/ Small roads between Growing fields/ All walking paths connecting areas on the property) (complete)
  • Build Main home on property (complete)
  • Propane installation. (Complete)

Estimated Phase One Cost = $75,000

Phase Two Fundraising

  • Build Community center with front offices/kitchen/ training room (all one building)- Cost = $200,000
  • Septic tank system - Cost = $6,500
  • Fence Property (Complete)
  • Till Farming areas/Garden- Cost = $15,000
  • Build Green House- Cost = $35,000

Raw materials are appreciated as much as financial contributions- we are in need of:

Toilets- 3


Chairs- 100

Tables 8-ft collapsible - 20

Commercial Oven- 1

Commercial Flat top Grill- 1

Commercial Refrigerator- 1

Commercial Freezer- 1

Commercial Three sink dish station- 1

Commercial Dish washer- 1

Stainless steal prep tables- 3

Total Estimated Cost of Phase Two = $256,500

For More Information:

Fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for wanting to be a part of this amazing project!